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International Doll Salon is held in Moscow for over than 10 years. Each season has unique program, but it is always a majestic fairy tale for visitors of any age.

And for the third year, the creative team of the Salon invites Muscovites and guests of our city to the Spring Ball of Art Dolls. This event already became as significant as the Salon itself.

Organizers main goal is to unite on one platform doll makers, collectors and fans of artistic dolls and unique toys created in different styles. We invite professionals and collect amazing set of artworks; they surprise, frighten and fascinate spectators by the diversity and variations of techniques, emotions and feelings. The exhibition represents a sense of personal history of each doll. Special magic atmosphere attracts more and more visitors and artists from all around the world.

International Doll Salon is actively involved in charity work and conducts lotteries, all proceeds from which are transmitted to children hospitals.

If you want to become a member of the International Doll Salon, download the list of requirements here.
You can find our videos and publications in special sections of the site.
We are always happy to see journalists at our events. For accreditation, click here.
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I'm always seeking for my specific talent, because the better you know yourself, the better you will understand the world. What woman wants, God wants it too.

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organisator_pic_2The simple life rules from Svetlana Pchelnikova

I'll never talk gossip about my friends, and do not let other people gossip about my friends, even gossip.
I am sure that it is necessary to believe in your own dream and everyone should endeavor to the dream; it’s also necessary to be professional in your favorite business and try to obtain sufficient results.
I believe that everyone should love and protect his family, parents’ homeland, and mercifully not forget about those who need help.
I never give up, and never put off decision of unsolved problem because it will eventually become more essential.


Star Dolls Parade for Children is a charity project. Its main objective is to collect funds in order to help children who need expensive treatment.

Celebrity persons from the world of politics, business and culture create their own unique dolls, and then donate them to the project.
Dolls made by famous people participate in exhibitions and auctions, and being sold help to raise money for Save the Children Funds.
Star dolls are usually presented at the Autumn Ball and the Spring Ball in Moscow. Everyone could buy them and support the charity event.

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Spring Ball

International Doll Salon for the third year organizes the Spring Ball of art dolls. By our tradition, it is held during the most beautiful spring holiday - International Women's Day! The meeting place of artists and fans of this type of art - Tishinka. Our statistics: we use more than 1,500 square meters, invite more than 100 participants from all around the world.

We invite you to celebrate spring coming by immersion to the world of beauty.
How to enter the Spring Ball you will learn here.

You can get more information regarding tickets booking here.

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Autumn Ball

International Doll Salon opens his doors for you for over 10 years in Moscow. This is significant and long-awaited event which consistently gathers artists and lovers of dolls and author toys from all over the world.

How to enter the Autumn Salon you will learn here.

You can get more information regarding tickets booking here.

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Participation terms

Important information!

Organizers of the Salon project begin an advertising campaign of the exhibition. We ask you, talented artists, to help us and send a few perfect photos of your works. Announcing the participants and their artworks using pictures you send, we will be able to attract potential customers. Guests of the exhibition will be able to know in advance what to expect at the show, thereby they may be interested in more close contact with you and your creations.